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Like any marketing you will undertake for your business, seek information first. This platform takes more than money, so be certain that you're really prepared to take this monster on!!

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So, here are my 12 Steps to having an effective Show

1. Come with an Agenda. Make up a T-day show calendar. I am serious, many people book into a trade show, mark the date inside their daybook and then monthly before, enter into panic mode. The greater you are able to arrange for printing, delivering invites, promotional materials, the easier life is going to be.

2. Checklist. List everything you need to tote around... and that i mean EVERYTHING. Type up a list with check boxes against the items. In this way you may not forget anything.

3. Candy Coated. A terrific way to draw people to your table is candy. Young people need the sugar fix. Allow individuals to choose their favourite.

4. Be Cool. Take a small desktop or free standing fan. Attach coloured ribbons for the fan, when it oscillates backwards and forwards it creates movement. Trades shows end up with hot, individuals will come and stand your booth to cool down... so get chatting!

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Okay, so that you don't need the rock. Take paper, (and Kleenex), scissors, scotch tape, pens.. I don't know how frequently other exhibitors have asked for all of the above. Also, possess a garbage bag - for the stuff people avoid.

6. Live green. Having flowers, a plant or some kind of greenery creates serenity in a harsh environment. After all "fresh" or "live". Other things is artificial!

7. Water Hourly. Make sure you have water in bottles available. It will help make you stay hydrated and awake. Some shows may be 12 hour days. Be ready.

8. Deep Throat. Have a packet of throat lozenges on your bottom line. Air cooling and plenty of talking can make it raw.

9. Food For Thought. You need to eat, and never the candy on your table. Make sure you have healthy snacks: cubed cheese, unsalted nuts, dried fruits, trail mix and/or sliced/diced fruit. They're something you can pop on to your teeth and eat quickly.

10. Make New Friends. The folks inside the booths around you will probably be your greatest allies. Find out what they actually do, offer to pay for them after they have to hit the washroom. The probability is they will return the favour.

11. Keep Smiling. Extended hours, times of standing on concrete (join the carpet) and answering exactly the same questions can definitely beat it people. But stay fresh whilst smiling.

Trade Show directory

12. Inside the Moment. If things get quiet, which thankfully they do. Make use of the time effectively. Be there and focused, I've seen people grab out the paperback and begin reading. If you are switched off so is all others!







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trade show calendar


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